Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, delivery is available. Reasonable rates to the following Colorado cities: Delta, Montrose, Austin, Eckert, Cedaredge, Hotchkiss, Paonia, Crawford, Gunnison, and Grand Junction.

How do you calculate rates?

There are 2 important distinctions to remember about our rates: metered or not metered. Many of our machines (mostly larger ones) have hour meters. Most of our small machines and hand held equipment do not have hour meters.

Machines with meters - Daily rates are based on a 24-hour period with 8 hours of time allowed on the meter. Each hour over 8 hours on the meter is charged at 1/6 of the daily rate.

Machines without meters – Daily rates are based on a 24-hour period.

What are your hours?

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Closed on weekends.

What if I want to rent something for the weekend and you are not open?

Weekend rentals can be picked up Friday after 3:00pm and returned Monday morning by 9:00am.

Machines with meters – Charged as 1 daily rental. You get 8 hours on the meter and every hour over will be charged at 1/6 of the daily rate.

Machines without meters – Charged as 1 ½ the normal daily rate.

Do you have trailers?

Yes, we have several different sizes and capacities. We recommend a ¾ ton tow vehicle at a minimum. All of our equipment trailers take a 2 5/16” ball. We have 14,000 lb GVW tilt deck trailers as well as 16,000 lb whale tail deck-over trailers. We have several others including dump trailers and different size enclosed trailers. All our trailers are bumper pull.

How much are your trailers?

Our 14,000 lb tilt deck equipment trailers are $25 per day if you rent with a piece of equipment. They are $75 for 4 hours or $125 per day (24 hours) without equipment rental. Please call, email, or check our site for rates on our other trailers.

Can my truck haul it?

An important question, but a more important question is….can I stop it? Keep in mind that it is the customer’s responsibility to know the towing capacity/rating for your vehicle and tow setup. In general, you can assume that any piece of equipment weighing over 5,000 lbs will require a ¾ ton pickup once you add the weight of the trailer (3,850 lbs). Please contact us ahead of time if you have any questions or need help verifying your tow vehicle specs. Don’t wait until the day of the rental. Remember, we can deliver.

How much do your trailers weigh?

14,000 lb GVW tilt deck - gross weight of empty trailer = 3,850 lbs

16,000 lb GVW deck over whale tail – gross weight of empty trailer =

What is your damage policy?

We are happy to review our rental contract with you to answer any specific questions that you have. The easiest way to understand what your responsibility is regarding damage is this - when you sign a contract and take possession of a piece of equipment, then you are 100% responsible for any and all damage that happens while it is in your possession. This includes the trailer and tires. The question of who is at fault is irrelevant. If the damage occurs while the machine is in your possession, then you are responsible for the damages. When you rent a piece of equipment please understand that you are entering a legal contract and taking full responsibility that you will return that piece of equipment in the same condition as when you rented it.

Do I have to fill up the gas/diesel?

Yes, you must return every machine full of fuel.

What about cleaning the equipment?

As stated above, you are responsible for returning the machine in the same condition that it leaves our facility. They leave here clean and full of fuel. You must bring them back the same way.

1. We charge $4.95 per gallon of fuel, if we have to fill them.

2. We charge a minimum of $50 to clean the machine, if you return it dirty.

Do you provide insurance on your equipment?

No, we do not offer any insurance or any form of “Damage Waiver” at this time.

Homeowners - Did you know that you can often add a piece of equipment to your homeowner’s insurance policy for little to no money? Just call your agent and let them know you are renting a piece of equipment for use at your home. They can often add it to your policy for the term of the rental, even if it is only 1 day. Homeowners should consider this option to protect themselves.

Commercial Customers – Check your specific insurance policy and request naming Mesa Rental & Supply as an “Additional Insured” or “Certificate Holder." Make sure you know and understand your limits and deductibles for rented equipment.

"Thank you so much for your generous donation of the bounce house to Common Ground Montrose's Kick off to Summer 2016! It is such a generous gift on your part to support our outreach into the community. Your team was so great to work with and they really related to the children and families that attended our event. Especially, since the weather didn't always work with us. They stayed and continued to provide a safe and warm environment for over 200 people. Your willingness to help Common Ground reach out to youth, children and families is so appreciated. Thank you again for your support."

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